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Title page for sozarri club offers and discounts page

We’re having a¬†SALE!

Join the club today and get 20% off your first order

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Join this exclusive Contemporary Fiber Art Club today and you will receive 20% Off your very first Sozarri order in the SHOP.

As well as this extra special initial discount, each signed up member will receive our regular email newsletter.

This will privately showcase our upcoming designs, so that you can have first access to them ahead of the general public.

We also run regular competitions and Coupon offers that will guarantee money off our luxury Macrame Wall hangings, as well as our other products.

Video Logs and tutotials will also be posted on to our social media such as Instagram, so keep your eye out, and be sure to follow all our channels.

Coupons can be used at the checkout on the website to access special discounts.

It’s FREE to sign up, so what’s stopping you! Get straight on to it now!