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    Sozarri is located in the artistic town of Hebden Bridge

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    Our on-trend yet timeless designs will suit any minimalist, modern or traditional room design.
    Custom Commissions are welcome, so please contact us with your design vision and we will produce a beautiful peice of art exclusively for you that will last a lifetime.

    NOTE: Custom orders may take longer, and may incur extra charges dependant upon materials.

    Rest assured we are always on hand to advise and will be happy to send you a quotation.
    You can also view all our wall art pieces over on Houzz and Etsy

    All Sozarri pieces are handmade and hand-dyed with love and care.
    Our cotton is 100% Natural sourced locally and sustainably from a Lancashire Cotton Mill that has been manufacturing cords, ropes and twines since 1865 and still today uses the same machinery and processes it did back then. It was during that thriving Victorian era when the North West of England was at the heart of the world’s Cotton manufacturing industry.
    Sozarri’s premises stand on an old farm property that was once the site of a Hebden Royd Cotton Sizing Mill dating back to 1905. Cotton was transported by barge along the Rochdale Canal (which runs alongside the Farm) to Manchester and Liverpool where it was sold around the world.